How to paint metal furniture legs

If your indoor or outdoor metal legs furniture is already having problems with peeling paint and rusting, the easiest way to breathe new life into it is to apply a little paint. Today Editor will lead you to understand the advantages of metal furniture with how to use paint rust!

If you want an extra smooth finish when painting metal furniture with rounded sections - use spray primer and spray paint.Of course, there is more than one way to successfully complete a project. The key to achieving a very smooth brush finish on thin, round metal surfaces is to use a small, high-quality paint brush with long, flexible bristles.

Brush paint method

Using the right primer and paint will also help you get a very smooth result, paint is a bit more expensive, but if you're making an effort to paint something that looks good and has durability - it's worth it.

Move your chosen furniture to a well-ventilated area and place it on newspaper or dust-proof paper. As with any paint, make sure the surface to be painted is clean, dry and free of loose paint, grease and contaminants.

If there are non-metallic materials such as leather seats on metal furniture, it is necessary to cover these places with waste newspapers to ensure that paint does not fall on them. Then use a rag to deal with the base, clean up the loose layer on the metal, rust blocks and the like also want to clean up, and then grind, the role of grinding is the first step of rust removal, there are two ways: dry grinding: sand paper for grinding.

It is suitable for grinding hard and brittle paints. Its disadvantage is that a lot of dust will be produced during operation, which will affect environmental health.

Wet sanding: Sanding with water sandpaper or soapy water.

Water grinding can reduce wear marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save sand paper, labor.

But after water grinding should pay attention to spraying paint, one is to wait for the water grinding layer completely dry before painting the lower layer, but the substrate with strong water absorption should not be water grinding. After you can use dike beauty rust king since the spray paint, shake the bottle, so that the water paint in the bottle is fully mixed, in order to prevent the color difference and other problems, and then you can begin to spray, in the distance from metal furniture 10-20 cm distance spray.

The main still should see you spray the furniture in the area size, if the area is larger, then you can be a little far distance, it spit out the paint can be sprayed onto the surface of the furniture is wider, don't have to worry about accidentally get to another location, while narrow, such as the table leg position requires distance, jet Angle will a little bit small, but also should pay attention to the magnitude of the pressure nozzle, Otherwise, it will fail. This point can not be grasped at once, you can first try to adapt to the pressure of the nozzle before construction, and the effect of the distance affecting the rate of ejection.

This is how to paint metal furniture legs. If you want to know more about metal furniture legs, please contact our manufacturer.

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Post time: Jan-20-2022
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