Types of metal table legs

People created many different kinds of metal table legs,customer selecting the perfect piece for their project,let me introduce you some types of metal table legs:

Square Table Legs

Would you prefer a sample metal legs to represents a simple lifestyle? Maybe a set of Square table legs would be better suited.

Square Table Legs

A shape Metal Table Legs

Are you adding to your homes farmhouse appeal ? the A shape table legs are perfectly suited for this style of home.

X-Shape Metal Table Legs

With such a wide variety of metal legs to choose from, we suggest searching Pinterest for inspiration of the design style you like the most before choosing your metal legs

Hairpin Table legs

That is a light duty leg which meant to be used on thinner and lighter table tops,such as small desks,side tables and coffee tables.

Looking for a unique metal base? Contact us,more options for you to choose.

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Post time: Sep-18-2021
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