Custom Dining Chair

Custom Dining Chair

Custom Dining chairs Add Color to Your Home

Customized dining chairs are designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers and the characteristics of the restaurant space. Customized dining chairs can be customized according to customer requirements in terms of material, color, style, size, etc. Compared with ordinary dining chairs, customized dining chairs are more in line with the characteristics and needs of the restaurant, which can improve the overall taste and aesthetics of the restaurant and provide customers with a better dining experience. No matter what style you want to create for your dining room, custom dining chairs can provide a unique design style to meet your needs. At the same time, the quality of customized dining chairs is also more reliable, because they have been carefully designed and produced by professional designers and manufacturing workers, and the materials and craftsmanship used in the production process are more excellent. If you want to further personalize the decoration and furniture selection of the restaurant, and want to enhance the uniqueness of the restaurant, it is a very good choice to realize this demand through custom dining chairs.

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Fashion Custom Dining Chair Waiting For You

Customized dining chairs can be customized according to customer needs, and can be customized in terms of material, color, style, size, etc. It is not just a simple piece of furniture, but also a way to show taste and personality, showing the unique style of the restaurant owner. Different from ordinary dining chairs, customized dining chairs are more in line with the characteristics and needs of restaurants, allowing customers to feel a more comfortable and warm dining experience. The core of the design concept of these customized dining chairs is high quality and professional customization, using advanced materials and craftsmanship, and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that Beimillion's furniture products can be customized to meet the different requirements and expectations of customers. If you want to show your personality and taste, custom dining chairs will be an essential part.


Cutom Dining Chair


White Custom Dining Chair


Blue Custom Dining Chair


White Custom Dining Chair


Brown Dining Chair

1 (3)

Brown Metal Dining Chair

2 (15)

Orange Dining Chair

2 (2)

Beige Gray Dining Chair


Scallop Dining Chair


Scallop Beige Grey Dining Chair


Grey Dining Chair


Simple Dining Chair

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A Variety of Styles Customized Dining Chairs

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Material selection

Custom dining chairs are available in wood + leather sets


Multi-function rotary style

Customizable rotation for your convenient life

2 (2)

Ergonomic design

A comfortable position gives us a whole new experience in dining. Feel the beauty of life

Advantages of Metal coffee Table



Quality assurance gives you a sense of security at hom. Durable, save you the trouble of choice



Multi-functional customized dining chair makes life more convenient and comfortable. Have a sense of fashion and technology for your life



We have independent research and development team, can timely feedback to you the latest industry trends, for your design to provide our valuable experience and service.



We are a manufacturer with a complete production line. Able to give customers the fastest and most efficient solutions.



Customized dining chairs with the best price to match the largest cost-effective.


Modern appeal

Customized dining chairs follow the pace of fashion trends to bring you the latest feeling and experience. 


Wide range of applications

A wide range of custom dining chairs can be used in your home restaurant, or used in a variety of restaurants, hotels and other places.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What materials are custom dining chair typically made from?

Custom restaurants usually use PU leather, real leather, cloth with metal tripod.

Can I order custom dining chair in various sizes and shapes?

Yes, We can tailor to your specific size and shape requirements.

Is it possible to add branding elements or designs to custom metal coffee table?

Yes, We offer customization options such as engraving, printing, or etching to incorporate logos, designs, or text onto custom dining chair .

Are custom dining chairsuitable for both home and commercial use?

Absolutely! Custom dining chair can be utilized in various settings, from home organization to retail displays and museum exhibits.

How much weight a custom dining chair can hold?

The usual load-bearing capacity is 200kg. If there is a specific requirement, it can be adjusted according to your needs

What are the requirements for a custom metal coffee table?

Just send us the drawing and pictures, tell us your requirement. We can send you the similar products to you for referance if you need helps.

Can we by samples first? and What is the process of customizing samples dining chair?

Yes. We accept sample order. You just send us drawing and the detail requirements.

How do you control the quality ?

We have two processes of quality inspection department, rough embryo inspection and finished product inspection. Before shipment, you can send QC to the factory for inspection and release. Triple quality assurance.

Can you give me quotes then I can choose?

We will give you free atlas reference, you can pick out the styles you are interesting. We can also recommend products in line with market trends according to your market sales situation.and offer you the accurate quotation.

can we ask the customized sample dining chair as we provide the picture to you?

Yes. We are the manufacturer. can according to your requiremnet to make the dining chair.

Working with Us: A Breeze!

1. Send Inquiry & Designs

Please tell us what kind of metal coffee table you are interested in, and advise the size, color, and quantity.

2. Review Quote & Solution

We will provide a precise quote tailored to your unique needs within 24 hours.


3. Making Samples

Upon confirming all the details, We will start making a sample and have it ready in 5~7 days.

4. Mass Production

We handle the production process carefully, ensuring every aspect is expertly managed. We promise perfect quality and timely delivery.


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