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The Best Furniture Legs Processing Custom Service Provider

Since 1997, Gelan has been engaged in the processing of furniture feet. With more than 20 years of experience and continuous improvement of production equipment, we have become a leading supplier of metal furniture legs processing and customization in China.

From furniture foot processing to custom

Gelan established its own factory in 1997, and uses high-quality iron or stainless steel raw materials to produce high-quality furniture feet. Therefore, we provide perfect quality, competitive price and excellent delivery time. By controlling the quality of the processing process, we provide high-quality furniture leg customization for global customers.

Best Metal Furniture Legs You Could Find In China

Our engineers use CAD, UG and CAM to design custom metal table legs according to customer requirements, and always find the most cost-effective correct solution and perfect structure. Today, we are very honored to be able to cooperate with hundreds of customers from all over the world who are active in construction, whole house customization, and furniture legs design.

Welcome to custom furniture legs

We have excellent credit for 22 Years in the furniture industry.

We sell the best quality of metal furniture legs and offer competitive prices.

We will provide a 20% discount for orders of more than three samples, and 4 small sofa legs can be provided. for free.

Black Metal Table Leg

The Black Iron Table Legs are made by heavy iron pipe-these metal foot supports are made of high quality iron pipe.

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Custom Iron Table Legs

We provide the quotation information of cast iron table legs.
Get more details & order now!

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Modern Dining Table Metal Legs

We sell the best quality of iron table legs and offer competitive prices.

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Stainless Steel Dining Table Legs

This Metal Table Legs uses a modern style rose gold design not only to make it look more fashionable......

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Metal Bases for Coffee Tables

The modern golden design makes this diy table legs look more fashionable.

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Round Metal Table Legs

Buy stainless steel table legs at attractive prices and discounts from quality wholesale suppliers......

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Industrial Metal Table Legs

High-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship make our legs more refined and stronger than other products.

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Adjustable Industrial Table Legs

Custom metal table legs made of hard and durable iron,meet a variety of family DIY projects.

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Desk Metal Legs

Provide various shapes of coffee table metal legs for different styles......


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X Frame Table Legs

X table legs are made of iron, they are so strong, steady+sturdy, it is high level quality.

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Heavy Duty Metal Table Legs

This Modern Table Legs add a unique blend of modern and industrial styles to any custom project or retro-fit.

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Steel Kitchen Table Legs

Suitable For Dining Tables,Coffee Tables And Other Furniture......


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Metal Hairpin Table Legs

Customize your hairpin legs and look exactly what you want......

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Coffee Table Hairpin Legs

Innovative hairpin leg products lead the market with European and American design style.

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Folding Hairpin Table Legs

Explore the best metal furniture feet on Gelan......

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Modern Metal Sofa Legs

The sofa legs can change the style or retrofit your furniture, bring them a new look. 

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Screw in Couch Legs

The Screw Mount Sofa Legs are made of high-quality iron, which can bear a certain weight, are not easy to bend or break, and can be used for a long time.

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Tapered Sofa Leg

Tapered Sofa Legs are 3 pre-drilled holes in each leg for quick install.The mounting plate for supporting more weight and ensure steadily.

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Client Reviews & Ratings

I totally love it! They are sturdy, modern, and beautiful. I put a very heavy quartz stone on top of it and it holds just fine. I’m very satisfied.




Excellent product for the price




They are excellent


Why Do You Choose GELAN?


Our company is a professional furniture metal legs suppliers, excellent credit for 22 years.

200+ Skilled worker

The company's sales team is more than three years of business personnel, with experience in products, can provide customers with professional services.

1000+ Cooperative partner

The market network covers Europe, United States, Japan and domestic well-known enterprises.

7000 +㎡ Modern factory

We have the modern and advanced processing equipment and excellent production techniques Boluo country GELAN Hardware Factory is a professional metal furniture legs manufacturers.

Applicable scenarios

Metal furniture leg is used in furniture hardware such as sofa foot, bed foot, cabinet foot, etc.

Customized processing furniture foot solution

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of furniture processing, we have a deeper understanding of using the most cost-effective processing solutions from design to custom furniture foot processing. The following are some processing methods for custom furniture foot products.

1. Design custom furniture foot styles

With the help of CAD/CAM and UG, engineers built 2D and 3D models on the computer at the beginning.

It can help engineers find the most cost-effective customized furniture foot solution for your upcoming project.

2. Raw material cutting

Modern CNC cutting technology brings convenience to the exquisite iron art. For plates with high precision requirements, laser cutting (the most expensive one) and wire cutting (the cost is second only to laser cutting) can also be used.

Of course, common saw blade cutting machines are widely used for cutting, and the accuracy is average, which is suitable for products whose accuracy requirements are not necessarily too high.


After cutting and tailoring the raw materials according to the blanking list, the "modulation" process is required first, because some materials, especially solid materials such as flat steel, square steel, and round steel, need to be straightened on the anvil to facilitate the blacksmith's work standards and convenience. Ensure the aesthetics of the finished product.

4. Forging and twisting the raw material.

For forging and rolling, there are cold forging and hot forging, depending on the material thickness and process requirements, use electric air hammer or hand hammer respectively. Anvil, chisel, pliers, flower hammer, red furnace, quenching bucket, grinder, grinder, vise, cutting machine, pipe bender, drilling machine, electric welding machine and various self-made "trick tools", "Trick platform" is an indispensable weapon for blacksmiths.

The various flower and leaf textures, branches, curves, and three-dimensional effects that are forged or distorted are a concrete manifestation of the blacksmith's wisdom and craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen work smoothly, rhythmically, quickly and accurately.

It is simply an artistic performance. This process is tiring, but even more joyful. It is the key to the proliferation and realization of product value and the added value of beautiful craftsmanship. It's all based on this.

5. Assembly welding

When assembling and welding, it is very important to form a "melt pool" during welding, so that no welding slag is included, otherwise the "adding slag" will not be firm and the strength will not be reached.

Cracks may occur during the welding process, the cooling process of the weld seam and for a considerable period of time thereafter.

Ordinary carbon steel is less likely to have delayed cracks, and visual inspection should be carried out after the weld has cooled to ambient temperature. The delay time of the low alloy steel weld is longer, and visual inspection must be carried out 24 hours after the welding is completed to ensure the strength of the workpiece.

6. Surface treatment

The role of surface treatment: improve surface corrosion resistance and wear resistance, slow down, eliminate and repair surface changes and damages of materials;

Make ordinary materials obtain a surface with special functions; surface treatment can be divided into electroplating, oil spraying and powder spraying .

One of the most expensive is electroplating. The surface can be brushed, flat or frosted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum tolerance for custom furniture feet during processing?


2. Can I design custom furniture feet according to my requirements?

Yes, the size and structure are determined by the customer

3. Can the finished furniture be customized?


4. Why are samples more expensive than bulk orders?

The sample fee will be more expensive than the bulk order, but the sample fee can be refunded for free after the bulk order is placed.

5. How long is your delivery time?

We have a strong R&D team with our own designers and skilled technicians, so we can provide OEM services. The delivery date is 15-30 days.

6. What are your payment terms?

Payment <= 1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment> = 1000USD, 30% in advance by wire transfer, please pay the balance before shipment. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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