How to paint metal table legs

Metal furniture in the garden,rooftop,or besides the swimming pool represents class,taste,and elegance. But in humid climate,this furniture piece easily get rust, so painting them in couple of years is a must. But how to paint your metal furniture leg? These steps below will guide you to re-invent your metalwork.

Things you will need

1 your Metal furniture 2 Rust-oleum rust reformer

3 Rust-Oleum painter’s touch 4 Rust-oleum surface primer

5 Rust oleum clear sealer 6 Sandpaper

7 A cloth 8 Mixing sticks

9 Painter’s tape 10 Brushes in different sizes


1. Move your metal piece of furniture to a well-ventilated area an place on top of newspaper or a dust sheet.

2. As with any painting.ensure the surface to be painted are clean,dry and free from loose paint. Grease and contaminants.

3. Sand the metal surface,remove all rough spots.

4. Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove loose dust and dry off fully before priming.

5. Apply two coats of surface primer to block stains. Disclosure and irregularities for a smoother.More uniform paint finish.

6. Mask off any areas of the object not to be painted to make sure you get a clean, tidy finish.

7. Give the spray paint a good shake to ensure it is thoroughly mixed. Using your selected color, Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface of furniture and spray in a steady back and forth motion.slightly overlapping with each stroke.

8. Wait one hour until the first coat is dry before applying another coat to deepen and even the shade.

9. Finally, leave it to dry 12 hours and consider enhancing the durability of the piece by adding a coat if clear sealer to protect your handy work.

By following these easy techniques,one can paint metal furniture feet entirely without any hassle.

Post time: Sep-11-2021
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