How to remove rust from metal table legs

It’s a normal thing that your metal furniture gets rust in daily life, the older the furniture, the more likely its metal leg gets rust.

How to protect your metal furniture and remove the rust, makes your furniture look clean?

Here are some tips on removing rust from the metal legs:


The most popular drink in the world also can be used to remove the rust. Easy to get, right? All you need to do is pour coke cola on the rusted surface and rub it with a soft cloth.Remember wash your hand after you clean it up, don’t get cola on your clothes.

Salt and Lemon

Using salt and lemon is another way to get rid of rust: Squeeze a lemon in a bowl with some salt and put the mixture on the rusted area, several hours later, scrub it off to bring up the cleaned surface.

Aluminum Foil

Remove rust by cutting a square of aluminum foil several inches across. Dip the foil in water and wrap it around the table, Friction causes a reaction between the metals and water, which creates a rust-removing polishing compound that polishes and clean the metal table legs. After removing the rust, wipe the legs down with a clean soft cloth to remove the homemade polish.


It might sound weird but it is very useful: cut a potato in half and rub dish soap all over it, use this half potato, rub it over rusted area, pour the mixture of potato juice and dish soap on the corners,you can either use a hand brush to reach these areas and make it clean.

Baking Soda And Water

Mix baking soda with water and prepare a paste. Apply this acid-based solution using a cleaning cloth on the rusted metal surface and leave it there around 15 minutes. Then scrub off the area with some abrasive,repeat the actions twice or three times until rusting particles are removed.

These are some easy-to-get & easy-to-use methods for removing rust from the metal legs. keep these tips in mind, you never have to worry about the rust again.

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Post time: Sep-09-2021
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