How to fasten metal legs to wooden tables

Make sure tables are stable and level, but it can be difficult to get them in place without extra help.

Now let's see how to connect the metal table legs to the wooden table in simple steps.

To connect metal legs, you need metal legs, screws, a drill (or wrench), and square plywood.

Table leg mounting requires two different types of screws:

(1) a type with a gasket head and without points for connecting the leg to the table top, and

(2) Flat head type, can be used to connect beams.

Types with gasketed heads can be used to attach legs to wooden tables.

Gasket heads are required to allow additional screw space to reduce the risk of finger snapping when tightening screws.

This is especially important if you install it yourself without help from others. Flat head type for mounting beams.

The type of flat head screws should match the number and size of holes in the table.

The first thing you need to do is measure the length of each leg from the floor to the center of the hole at the top of each leg foot. Next, drill guide holes in the wooden table, insert the leg into them, and screw them into place using washers.

Make sure the screws are long enough to penetrate the table frame.

Installation steps

Next you need to prepare the bottom of the active edge top. Glued to four 4x4-inch square pieces of plywood, the plywood is designed to give more depth to the screws that hold the metal leg and to help ensure that the large screws used to hold the leg don't split the wood.

Aligning the metal legs was a bit of a hassle because the edges are really too straight now, so decided to cut a piece of blank used plywood, 30 inches long and parallel end to end.

This allows you to dock the metal legs with the plywood and then use it to align them on the back, making sure the legs are absolutely parallel to each other.

When finished, drill guide holes in each leg, then run the screws through the leg holes and attach them to the top of the movable edges.

The final job is to make sure the metal legs are flat.

There's nothing worse than a table swinging back and forth.

To check this, place the table on top of a table saw with the top flat from end to end.

One side of the metal table leg is fully attached and the table is on the table saw deck. If there is any shaking on one side or the other side of the table, some very thin spacers can be used to ensure that the metal table leg is flat.

If the metal legs are flat, there is no need for gaskets.

That's how to attach metal legs to wooden tables. If you want to know more about metal legs, please contact us.

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Post time: Jan-20-2022
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